To Provide Fun and Safe Transportation to the World We are a professional group involved in Vehicle Trading


Continuous efforts and tries to reach the highest level

Optimus Group Exports and Sells Used Vehicles from Japan to the world. New Zealand is our main destination, but we also provide services to 30+ countries. Optimus Group also provides our customers with Automotive Products and Services.


Mt. Cook

Trading Group

We export Used Cars purchased through Auctions in Japan to Local Car Dealers.

Logistics Group

We operate a non-shipping operations and related businesses.

Service Group

Mainly in New Zealand, we operate through conducting business for end users such as Vehicle Sales (New and Used Cars), provision of Vehicle Purchase Loans, Vehicle Compliance and the sale of Vehicle Consumables.

Inspection Group

In Japan, we carry out Pre-Shipment Inspections when Exporting Used Cars overseas. Overseas, we inspect vehicles including imported cars outside of Japan to ensure that they are worthy to be driven on the roads.

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